What will happen when I sign up?

After you input your email address, user name, and create a password you will be taken to a member information page. You can at this point logout or fill in your member profile information.

You don’t need to complete any further surveys at this time.

We will send you an email with your account and login information and periodically send you an email inviting you to take a survey.

How does it work?

Washington State Transportation Commission hosts a number of surveys throughout the year to seek out rider's direction, general feedback and information on schedule, fares, and services. By joining our F.R.O.G (Ferry Riders Opinion Group) panel and participating in surveys, you will help guide public policy regarding the Wasington State Ferries (WSF) on where it should focus or change things to meet riders needs. Once you register on our site and tell us about yourself, you will able to complete online survey.

What is the F.R.O.G panel all about?

Participants of the F.R.O.G. (Ferry Riders Opinion Group) panel will have a collective direct line of communication to the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC), Washington State Ferries (WSF), the Governor and the Legislature, influencing critical decisions that will impact ferry riders throughout the system.

The F.R.O.G. consists of a representative cross section of ferry riders.

Participation in the research is voluntary. Individual survey responses will be kept confidential and will only be used for statistical purposes. The Commission would like to encourage all customers to join the group and play a role in WSF’s future.